Jeff Gebler

Head of Risk and Analytics

Jeff Gebler is the Head of Risk and Analytics. Jeff is responsible for the management of Ardea IM’s risk framework and protocols. This involves working alongside the portfolio management team to provide data, analytics and perspectives to help ensure that the optimal types and amounts of risk are being taken, in the context of every portfolio’s investment objectives.

Jeff joined Ardea IM in 2020. Prior to joining, he was a Principal and the Head of Investment Solutions for Milliman in Australia. Jeff began his career with Milliman in the US in 2004 and, after a secondment to Europe, relocated to Sydney in 2007 to help establish a footprint and grow the business there.

Jeff has 16 years’ experience spanning investments, risk management, data analytics, modelling, technology, and strategy. He has consulted to numerous global life insurers on the design, pricing, capital requirements, and hedging of investment guarantees. Jeff has implemented and managed dynamic hedging programs using equity, interest rate, and foreign currency derivatives.

Jeff graduated from Northwestern University with a BA in Economics and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) – CFA Institute and a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) – Certified by the Global Association of Risk Professional (GARP).