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Press release: Ardea IM urges governments to rapidly scale up their climate ambition

Ardea IM is among a record number of signatories to a joint global investor statement calling on governments to urgently ramp up their efforts to address the climate crisis. The 2021 Global Investor Statement urges governments to raise their climate ambition to limit global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees, implement meaningful emissions reduction […]

Women in Finance Must Ask for Promotion, Unlike Men: Survey

Far fewer women than men are promoted in the finance industry unless they first ask for seniority, a sign of institutional gender bias, according to a new study by Ardea Investment Management & Australian National University in conjunction with industry experts.

Australian Financial Review: Bond market vigilantes find their voice

Jonathan Shapiro shares Gopi Karunakaran’s comments from the Portfolio Construction Forum Markets Summit 2018. View article (subscription required): Bond market vigilantes find their voice by Jonathan Shapiro and Vesna Poljak, Australian Financial Review