Ardea Global Alpha Strategy

The Ardea Global Alpha Strategy (AGA) is a defensive fixed income solution that targets consistently low volatility returns, independent of market direction, which exceed cash rates whilst maintaining capital preservation. The Strategy can work as a defensive fixed income anchor to help your investment portfolio navigate the ups and downs of markets. AGA adopts a low risk strategy by investing in high quality government bonds and related interest rate derivatives. Its investment universe explicitly excludes credit investments, and is restricted to ‘core interest rate’ markets which are the most reliably liquid segment of global fixed income markets.

Strategy Features:

  • Capital preservation
  • Stable income
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Daily dealing
  • Highly regulated fund vehicle
  • No bid/offer spread
  • Annual flat fee

Suits Investors Seeking:

  • Low volatility, stable returns
  • A defensive fixed income anchor with no exposure to credit risk
  • An uncorrelated source of returns
  • Reliable daily liquidity, even during periods of extreme market stress

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