Ardea Australian Inflation Linked Bond Fund

The Fund aims to outperform its benchmark (the Bloomberg AusBond Government Inflation Index 0+ years) over rolling three year periods.

Fund Facts

Suggested minimum investment timeframe At least three years
Initial investment $500,000
Investment strategy Ardea is a longer term, fundamentally driven, value investor with a focus on liquidity and diversification.
Investment approach The investment approach is based primarily on fundamental analysis with a focus on an accurate measurement and disciplined management of risk. Ardea believes that by utilising multiple and diversified investment strategies, they can add value over the medium to longer term.
Investment universe The Fund invests mainly in the securities within the Bloomberg AusBond Government Inflation Index. The Fund can also invest in nominal government and semi-government bonds, inflation derivatives, interest rate derivatives, bank bills, and Negotiable Certificates of Deposit (NCDs) issued by larger Australian banks. The Fund can also enter into repurchase agreements. The proceeds from repurchase agreements can only be invested in short-dated bank bills, NCDs and promissory notes with less than six months to maturity. Promissory notes must be rated A1 or better.