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Liquidity lessons from March

Liquidity often gets little attention until something goes wrong … and in March 2020 things certainly went wrong.

5 Key Risks Impacting Fixed Income for FY20

In this article, we will discuss five key risks to fixed income markets for FY20 and explain their relevance to those allocating to fixed income investments.

China risk goes beyond trade wars

The China economic slowdown story had been building behind the scenes long before markets decided to focus on trade hostilities with the US.

Corporate Bonds – More Risk for Less Return

Credit spreads over government bonds should compensate investors not just for default risk but also for other risks such as illiquidity. Gopi Karunakaran discusses how corporate bond markets are currently not providing sufficient compensation for growing illiquidity risk.

Livewire Exclusive – A dangerous consensus

In a Livewire Exclusive video, Gopi Karunakaran discusses how banks withdrew from corporate bond markets after the financial crisis, and what this means for the US$560 billion in fixed income ETFs around the world.