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QE winners become QT losers

We’ve noted previously that the transition from Quantitative Easing (QE) to Quantitative Tightening (QT) is one of the two important paradigm shifts currently taking place in markets.

Wages, Wages, Wages

Despite strong domestic job creation, wage growth in Australia remains subdued and is part of the reason we believe the RBA’s policy tightening cycle will lag the US.

Livewire Exclusive – More trouble on the way?

This time last year Tamar Hamlyn shared with Livewire that inflation and volatility charts were the ones he was watching closely. Tamar now shares his thoughts of what to expect from here and what investors can do about it.

Markets Wake Up To Inflation Risk

Inflationary pressures have been building globally and particularly in the US. The rise in breakeven inflation rates over the past two months shows that markets have begun to price this in.