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The research & education centre provides a range of articles and background information relating to fixed income investment management as well as a glossary of relevant terms.

Ardea reports

Macroprudential measures announced in Australia | 10/12/2014 Download (51.53k PDF)

APRA yesterday announced a series of new measures aimed at reinforcing sound lending practices by financial institutions in Australia.

Macroprudential preview | 1/12/2014 Download (85.93k PDF)

In recent months macroprudential measures have increasingly been under discussion in Australia. The Reserve Bank of Australia and other regulators now appear open to the adoption of such tools.

New Zealand Inflation Indexed Bonds | 10/11/2014 Download (159.04k PDF)

Increasing issuance of inflation linked bonds in New Zealand has resulted in a NZD 14 billion market, accounting for close to 20% of the NZ government bond market. NZ ILBs offer an attractive real yield and a low entry point for breakeven inflation.

Preparing for volatility | 25/08/2014 Download (155.36k PDF)

Over the first half of 2014 financial markets experienced a significant decline in bond yields, with a correspondingly strong period of performance.

Rising inflation and a neutral RBA | 10/02/2014 Download (56.87k PDF)

Following recent upside surprises in inflation, and the move to a neutral stance by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), we highlight the likely implications for returns on nominal and inflation protected fixed income portfolios.

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