About Ardea IM

Ardea IM was founded in 2008 to offer clients a compelling alternative to conventional fixed income investments. One that would consistently improve client outcomes by combining highly differentiated alpha sources with a client friendly value proposition.

Conventional fixed income investing is largely based on accumulating bonds to harvest yield or trying to predict the direction of markets. Having seen this approach can be unreliable, we recognised that our specialised and highly differentiated pure relative value investment approach could provide an attractive risk-return proposition for client portfolios.

While Ardea IM has been a specialist relative value investment firm for many years, our investment team has a diverse and broad depth of experience in global relative value investing going back to the 1990’s. Over this period, this approach has targeted consistent volatility-controlled returns throughout economic cycles and varying financial market environments, including periods of severe market stress.

Ardea IM has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest specialist relative value investment managers, with a global client base ranging from the largest institutional investors and asset consultants, to a diverse range of wholesale and retail clients. Our firm is majority owned by employees to ensure long term alignment of interests with our clients and stability of the team.