Why Choose Ardea IM

  • Experienced and stable team. The Ardea IM team has amassed decades of expertise investing in fixed income, derivative, and inflation markets.
  • Philosophy and process. Ardea IM have become market experts at locating inefficiencies in the market and exploiting them without incurring significant risks.
  • Risk systems and culture. Ardea IM’s proprietary risk systems and culture reflect the team’s sharp focus on avoiding negative surprises.
  • Boutique structure. Our boutique structure allows for flexibility, ongoing innovation and adaptability – enabling us to deliver tailored investment outcomes.
  • Business support. By providing a broad range of integrated services to Ardea IM, Fidante Partners frees up the Ardea IM investment team to focus on what they do best; investing and managing assets.

We offer:

  • Tailored investment solutions
  • A variety of different investment strategies which generate alpha
  • Safe and stable outcomes within a highly intuitive yet tailored risk framework
  • A long-term, fundamentally driven approach
  • Liquidity and diversification