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June 2021

Investors in the ActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond fund will have more global exposure going forward after the removal of the 25% global bond limit.

May 2021

The outlook for inflation remains uncertain, however, it remains crucial that investors understand the risks associated, says Ardea's Tamar Hamlyn.

April 2021

Tamar Hamlyn weighs in on the recent bond market rally.

March 2021

Tamar Hamlyn discusses the widening perception gap between bonds and central banks. Time will prove one or both camps to be wrong, the only difference being whether it is reputations or portfolios that are lost.

March 2021

Livewire speaks to several of the fund managers from Fidante Partners about whether or not inflation was causing them concern, and, if it was, just what are they going to do about it?

February 2021

Tamar Hamlyn discusses central banks
new path to withdrawing stimulus and why it will not be easy for markets to predict.

January 2021

Ardea discuss interest rate risk and duration with Fixed Income News Australia.

November 2020

Far fewer women than men are promoted in the finance industry unless they first ask for seniority, a sign of institutional gender bias, according to a new study by Ardea Investment Management & Australian National University in conjunction with industry experts.

September 2020

Ardea has set out to find answers to an issue of increasing
relevance to bond investors: How will climate change impact
sovereign debt?

September 2020

Financial advisers should look beyond traditional fixed income assets if they want to maintain a similar level of income generation their clients have been used to in the past.

September 2020

Ardea Investment Management has launched a new research partnership with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The Program will foster innovative and impactful academic research to advance knowledge in finance and further strengthen Ardea’s research capabilities.

August 2020

In the AFR, Tamar Hamlyn explains why the rally in gold, bonds and inflation makes it hard to be certain that portfolios won’t be affected by a persistent weakening in the value of fiat currencies.

July 2020

In the AFR, Tamar Hamlyn argues that changes to CPI are not too concerning for markets.

June 2020

In the AFR, Tamar Hamlyn explains why investors shouldn't rely on central banks having a long term appetite for corporate bonds (subscription required).

June 2020

In this Financial Standard article, Gopi Karunakaran shares his insights on the Australian fixed income market.

May 2020

The move by the Reserve Bank of Australia to a policy of fiscal stimulus away from monetary policy could cause a supply/demand battle as the central bank battles to support the economy amid COVID-19

May 2020

In the AFR, Tamar Hamlyn discusses some of the economic ramifications of COVID-19.(subscription required)

January 2020

Ardea Investment Management are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Laura Ryan in the role of Head of Research.

January 2020

In the AFR, Tamar Hamlyn discusses the uncertainty ahead for interest rates and inflation and how Ardea focus on a range of options when managing a portfolio. (subscription required)

November 2019

In the AFR, Tamar Hamlyn discusses the sharp gyrations in US dollar funding rates seen over recent weeks. (subscription required)

September 2019

Lower bond yields have raised concerns that yields may eventually become negative in Australia, now is the time to think about what this means for investors. (subscription required)

July 2019

Strong investment returns across almost all asset classes has continued. Tamar Hamlyn discusses how the liquidity underpinning today’s markets has received far less consideration. (subscription required)

July 2019

Gopi Karunakaran shares how Ardea helps restore balance to fixed income portfolios by using relative value investing.

June 2019

The ActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond Fund (Managed Fund) has been added to award-winning investment and superannuation platform, HUB24.

May 2019

Tamar Hamlyn discusses why carry is so important as bond yields are pushed to multi-decade lows. (subscription required)

April 2019

Tamar Hamlyn discusses the connection between the foreign exchange market and the fixed-income market, and why it matters. (subscription required).

March 2019

Ben Alexander, Chief Investment Officer, today announced that firm co-founder Stephen Clout had been appointed Chief Executive Officer by the Ardea board.

February 2019

Ardea Investment Management is pleased to announce the appointment of Tracey Kellett in the role of Chief Operating Officer.

December 2018

Gopi Karunakaran discusses the December quarter being potentially the worst since September 2011 as Wall Street reckons with rising interest rates and the risk of a partial government shutdown in the United States. (subscription required)

December 2018

Recently in the AFR, Tamar Hamlyn discusses how the past weeks and months have seen financial markets approaching the year-end period with decidedly less lustre than investors might like. (subscription required)

December 2018

We’re pleased to celebrate the launch of the ActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond Fund (Managed Fund) (XARO), the first actively-managed fixed income ETF in the Australian market that is not constrained by an index.

November 2018

Ardea has received its first ‘recommended’ rating for its Real Outcome Fund from Lonsec.

October 2018

In this feature, Tamar Hamlyn discusses how modestly sized asset ‘gemstones’ can still be located at reasonable prices, and at a highly repeatable frequency. (subscription required)

September 2018

Ardea announced two key appointments after a period of strong growth. Jean Dumas joins the Investment Strategy Team and Darren Wadhera in the Portfolio Implementation Team.

August 2018

In this feature, Tamar Hamlyn discusses how shifts in the market pricing of forward exchange rates has created relative value opportunities in Australian interest rates. (subscription required)

March 2018

Gopi Karunakaran discusses the liquidity risk of corporate bonds with InvestorDaily.

March 2018

Tamar Hamlyn was encouraged by China’s response to Donald Trump and shares his thoughts with the Financial Review. (subscription required)

March 2018

Gopi Karunakaran talks to the Financial Standard about how flipping through a copy of his father's newspaper led him on a journey deep into the heart of fixed income management.

February 2018

Ardea recommends investors re-evaluate the widely held view that governments bonds are inherently defensive and risk diversifying in the current economic climate.

February 2018

Jonathan Shapiro shares Gopi Karunakaran’s comments from the Portfolio Construction Forum Markets Summit 2018. (subscription required)

January 2018

Tamar Hamlyn comments on when the next RBA rate increase will take place. (subscription required)

January 2018

Ardea's Real Outcome Fund has been added to the BT Panorama, BT Wrap and BT SuperWrap platforms.

January 2018

Tamar Hamlyn shares his thoughts on the recent rise in two year US bond rates

December 2017

Ardea has been voted Australian Rates Fund Manager of the Year in the KangaNews Awards 2017

November 2017

Tamar Hamlyn shares his thoughts on the convergence of US and Australian two-year bond rates. (subscription required)

November 2017

Ardea announced its total funds under management had exceeded $10 billion

November 2017

Tamar Hamlyn and Gopi Karunakaran discuss how markets are underpricing the risk of inflation. (subscription required)

September 2017

Tamar Hamlyn shares his views on the market forces investors should currently be considering

September 2017

Tamar Hamlyn discusses energy costs and the impact to households and businesses

September 2017

Tamar Hamlyn discusses how rising US interest rates will benefit investors

September 2017

Ardea’s Real Outcome Fund wins praise and ‘Recommended’ rating from Zenith

September 2017

Ardea strengthens successful team with appointments

August 2012

Ardea Investment Management is the investment manager of a new fund, the Ardea Wholesale Inflation Plus Fund, for investors seeking a stable, defensive return over and above inflation.