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The push and pull on bond yields

2019’s rampant bond rally came to a halt this month as bond yields rose, causing bond prices to fall across most major bond markets.

The bizarre world of negative interest rates

Some central banks are pushing monetary policy into the upside down world of negative interest rates, but rather than success they are creating bizarre side effects.

5 Key Risks Impacting Fixed Income for FY20

In this article, we will discuss five key risks to fixed income markets for FY20 and explain their relevance to those allocating to fixed income investments.

Stellar bond returns … what’s driving them?

2019 has so far been a stellar year for bond returns globally. Even a simple passive exposure to long dated bonds has delivered handsome profits that far exceed the average yield of those bonds.

Conventional fixed income is not doing its job

Conventional portfolio construction assumes that governments bonds will diversify equity risk. The theory is that when equities fall, bond yields decline, resulting in capital gains on bonds that help offset equity losses. The problem is that it’s not working that way in practice.