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Inflation Linked Bonds 101

We explain the mechanics of inflation protection and how to identify relative value opportunities.

Bond yields can be misleading

How can a negative yield bond deliver a positive return, or a positive yield bond deliver a loss?

The bizarre world of negative interest rates

Some central banks are pushing monetary policy into the upside down world of negative interest rates, but rather than success they are creating bizarre side effects.

Mrs. Watanabe meets European insurance companies

Since the early 2000’s the name ‘Mrs. Watanabe’ has been used to describe yield seeking Japanese retail investors, who were forced to increase their offshore investment risk taking in response to ultra-low interest rates back home.

Safe havens and risky assets rallying at the same time

How is it that traditional safe haven assets like gold, government bonds and the Japanese yen are all performing strongly this year, just as risky assets like equities, credit and emerging markets are also doing very well?

Bonds don’t always diversify equity risk

With global bond yields back near the low end of recent ranges, it’s an opportune time to revisit a theme that’s relevant to portfolio construction today – the bond vs. equity correlation.