September 2021

In a recent podcast with Insurance Asset Management, Dr Laura Ryan discusses the importance of government bonds when thinking about climate change.

August 2021

In this episode of The Ardea Alternative podcast, Laura Ryan is joined by Alex Stanley and Tamar Hamlyn to discuss why ESG considerations for sovereign bond relative value strategies differ from other strategies.

July 2021

Alex Stanley takes a closer look at the drivers of the recent bond rally.

June 2021

In this episode of The Ardea Alternative podcast, Alex Stanley is joined by Tamar Hamlyn and guest speaker Haran Siva, a Senior Advisor with the Climate Bonds Initiative. In recent years there has been significant growth in ESG related investments, this episode will focus on one specific example: green bonds.

May 2021

Market pricing for inflation is near multi-year highs, but with major differences across curves and regions. We discuss the implications and risks for investors of rising inflation expectations.

April 2021

In our first episode of The Ardea Alternative podcast, Dr Laura Ryan is joined by Tamar Hamlyn and Alex Stanley to discuss the complex topic of inflation.

March 2021

This first paper in a series of primers on interest rate markets and relative value outlines common types of trades implemented and risks faced by market participants,

February 2021

Academics, practitioners, consultants and fund managers have come together to develop a new framework for designing default retirement plans.

January 2021

Dr. Geoff Warren, Associate Professor at the ANU joins Dr. Laura Ryan to discuss his recent work in retirement modelling. In this episode, Dr. Warren shares how important modelling choices are when assessing the adequacy of the super guarantee (SG). Dr Warren also discusses imputation/franking credits and structuring CIPRs (Comprehensive Income Products for Retirement).

December 2020

In December, the Australian Government sold negative yielding nominal debt for the first time. We discuss how the massive volume of central bank liquidity and prospects for a rebound in the global economy in 2021 are underpinning the large divergence between equities and bond yields.

October 2020

Ardea uses statistical modelling in order to discuss whether government bonds still diversify equity risk.

September 2020

In our first episode of the Ardea Quantitative Research Series, Ben Alexander, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Ardea Investment Management joins Dr. Laura Ryan as they share insights into the risk model used in the Ardea portfolio construction process.

August 2020

Record low rates are leading some market participants to question whether all bond markets are experiencing “Japanification”. Will this backdrop spell the end to relative value trading opportunities?

July 2020

Australia extends its yield curve to 2051. The issue received record interest from global investors and highlights the importance of yield curve shape and global relative value dynamics for investors.

April 2020

We explain the mechanics of inflation protection and how to identify relative value opportunities.

March 2020

In a market where every asset class seems to be at the mercy of volatility, investors are left wondering if there are any real safe havens anymore.

February 2020

If used improperly, statistics and the graphical representation of those statistics can be misleading.

January 2020

Australian household wealth is overexposed to the Australian housing market. To protect your portfolio, having a more diversified asset allocation would minimise your risks.