Investment team

Our high quality investment team is made up of individuals with varied backgrounds, capturing the balance, breadth and resources of a large investment house while retaining the investment focus and agility of a boutique.

Ben Alexander

Ben Alexander, Principal

Ben Alexander heads Ardea and has delivered industry-leading relative value returns to fixed income investors since 1998.


Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett, Principal

Andrew Bartlett leads credit analysis at Ardea and provides deep insights around fair value, liquidity and repayment risk.


Tamar Hamlyn

Tamar Hamlyn, Principal

Tamar Hamlyn leads interest rate and macro strategies for Ardea and is responsible for strategic views on the economy and financial markets.


Stephen Clout

Stephen Clout, Principal

Stephen Clout heads portfolio construction at Ardea and leads the firm in nurturing deep and extensive relationships with clients and consultants.


Cameron Shaw

Cameron Shaw, Portfolio Analyst

Cameron Shaw leads performance, attribution and risk at Ardea, while providing additional portfolio construction support.