Cameron Shaw

Portfolio Manager, Interest Rate Strategies

Cameron Shaw

Cameron Shaw leads performance, attribution and risk at Ardea, and supports the team in portfolio construction and implementation.

Cameron joined Ardea in 2013 to expand the team’s risk management expertise and provide a dedicated risk and attribution function.

Cameron has overall responsibility for development and delivery of Ardea’s proprietary attribution and risk framework, while also managing performance reporting. Cameron leverages his background in risk measurement and quantitative finance, and his prior experience in developing and implementing attribution solutions, to further develop and refine the frameworks and systems that support the investment process at Ardea. Cameron also monitors and briefs the team on evolving approaches to best practice in the field of risk measurement and management.

Prior to Ardea, Cameron worked in London for a number of years where he developed a risk and attribution system for Ashmore, a specialist emerging markets fund manager. Cameron was also head of performance and attribution at Challenger Limited.

Cameron received a Quantitative Finance degree from the University of Newcastle. He is a surfer and Tottenham supporter.