Ben Alexander, Principal

Ben Alexander Ben Alexander heads Ardea and has delivered industry-leading relative value returns to fixed income investors since 1998.

Ben co-founded Ardea, a boutique investment manager, in 2008 with the firm now managing over $6.2bn in client assets.

Ben's focus at Ardea is centred on relative value opportunities spanning the breadth and depth of the domestic and international fixed income markets. Ben's philosophy is to identify subjective investment opportunities, underpinned by accurate and consistent measures of value. Under this approach, Ben develops consistent, reproducible measures of value across the entire suite of fixed income and inflation-linked instruments. With value measured on a truly consistent basis, Ben is able to assess and act upon the subjective factors driving any divergence from fair value.

Prior to Ardea, Ben headed the fixed income team at Credit Suisse Asset Management in Australia, with responsibility for investment strategies in the Australian and Asian fixed income markets. Ben also held senior regional positions at Credit Suisse encompassing joint ventures in Asia. Ben began his participation in the fixed income markets with Credit Suisse in 1991.

Ben graduated with Honours in Mathematics from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Bachelor of Science
1st Class Hons,
(Mathematics Major)
University of Canterbury, Christchurch


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