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Inflation Linked Bonds 101

We explain the mechanics of inflation protection and how to identify relative value opportunities.

How to reduce the risk of a portfolio

In this Livewire video, Dr Laura Ryan discusses a strategy that can produce returns regardless of whether interest rates are rising or falling.

Exploiting arbitrage in bond markets

In this podcast Portfolio Manager, Gopi Karunakaran, speaks to Alan Kohler about the Ardea Real Outcome Fund and how it operates.

5 Key Risks Impacting Fixed Income for FY20

In this article, we will discuss five key risks to fixed income markets for FY20 and explain their relevance to those allocating to fixed income investments.

Strange behaviour in option markets

Finance text books, reams of academic research and practitioner experience all point to the existence of a “volatility risk premium” (VRP), which is a foundational principal of option selling strategies.

Introducing XARO

Gopi Karunakaran introduces the ActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX:XARO).

How to profit from interest rate volatility

One way to profit from interest rate volatility is to get directional calls right, ahead of a large move in rates. Sadly, we have yet to come across anyone who has been able to consistently get these directional calls right.