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Liquidity lessons from March

Liquidity often gets little attention until something goes wrong … and in March 2020 things certainly went wrong.

Compensation for credit risk is poor

Following the sharp sell-off in Q4 2018, credit markets globally have performed strongly in 2019. Having seen a big dip, followed by a quick rebound, how are we now left?

The hidden equity beta in many fixed income funds

The managed fund research company Morningstar recently announced they are splitting their ‘intermediate term bond’ category into two new categories – ‘intermediate core bond’ and ‘intermediate core plus’ bond.

Webinar: Introducing ActiveX

Watch Ardea IM Portfolio Manager Gopi Karunakaran and Fidante Investment Specialist Sam Morris as they discuss the ActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond Fund (Managed Fund).

Credit is the Canary

Following last week’s meeting of the US Federal Reserve (FED), markets have become increasingly concerned that the FED is making a policy mistake in continuing to increase interest rates.

China risk goes beyond trade wars

The China economic slowdown story had been building behind the scenes long before markets decided to focus on trade hostilities with the US.