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The consensus is sure that inflation will remain lower for longer. Most remain sceptical that central banks will succeed in their mission to push it higher.

Corporate bonds unlimited?

Is central bank support for corporate bond markets truly unlimited? Our sense is decidedly not.

Inflation Linked Bonds 101

We explain the mechanics of inflation protection and how to identify relative value opportunities.

The push and pull on bond yields

2019’s rampant bond rally came to a halt this month as bond yields rose, causing bond prices to fall across most major bond markets.

The bizarre world of negative interest rates

Some central banks are pushing monetary policy into the upside down world of negative interest rates, but rather than success they are creating bizarre side effects.

Safe havens and risky assets rallying at the same time

How is it that traditional safe haven assets like gold, government bonds and the Japanese yen are all performing strongly this year, just as risky assets like equities, credit and emerging markets are also doing very well?

China risk goes beyond trade wars

The China economic slowdown story had been building behind the scenes long before markets decided to focus on trade hostilities with the US.

Just a taste of the volatility to come

This Livewire exclusive discusses the global shift in central bank policy as a key driver of recent volatility and what to expect moving forward.